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Scalar is the World's Leader in Touch & View Scopes

Retail & Consultation

Scalar is proud to have designed and deployed the original skin care retail sales consultation tools over two decades ago. And we have been perfecting it ever since.

The basic idea is simple: Show a prospective customer aspects of their skin, hair, or scalp that relate to certain products and/or services that are being promoted. Upon viewing their own skin, they are immediately sold on doing what's recommended. Seeing is truly believing.


Telemedicine & Clinical

The same tools that serve Med Spas and Cosmetics/Skin Care manufacturers for consultation purposes are also very useful in the clinical environment.

High magnifications and Polarization allow the clinician to better see details, most that are not even visible to the naked eye. Clients/patients are much more compliant in following recommended treatment protocols, having seen themselves the scope images.